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Zero Waste Garlic Mincer


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Mince and chop Garlic up in seconds! Zero Waste Garlic Mincer chops and crushes garlic with zero wastage, Chef’s use them so why can’t you.

Forget the Clam-Shell Garlic crushes which wastes Garlic, within the holes and requires force to only find the juices are lost and the clean up takes time.  With the the Zero Waste Garlic Mincer you will pop your peeled Garlic cloves within, place lid on and twist for 10 seconds for finely crushed Garlic, with all the juice retained and removal of crushed garlic easy and held in one place with no hidden voids.

Enables storage any not currently required garlic in the fridge to ensure remains fresh for days.

Colours do not vary, 1 crusher per unit.

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