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Turnip Snowball


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Snowball Turnip is a first class early globe turnip, with white skin and flesh. With its sweet flavoured and juicy flesh, thats high in fibre and Vitamin C and also has edible green tops. It can be sown from late spring until late summer and is best harvested before it gets too large. Sow in rows 15cm apart into rich well manured soil. Thin out to 20cm apart leaving the best plants in. (50 days)

Snowball is an all white skin and flesh turnip complete flavour which is sweet and not a dry fiber turnip at all. Develops into turnips of tennis ball size this is a must for gourmet meals.

Most commonly sowed in rows 15cm apart into rick well manured soil.

Non-GMO,  recognised as an Heirloom, turnips originated in about 2000BC

Seed Count approx 25 Seeds

Planting Times Early Spring to Early Autumn

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