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Trovel – Ultimate Gardening Handtool – Seconds


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These are Seconds, sound in function however could have a small visual aspect that is not extremely noticeable but does not meet our high standard.

These visual aspects can be:

  • Marks on the bottom from tape (shall wear off with use).
  • An nick/or misfired aspect (structurally sound but if you look hard you will notice it)

The gardeners ultimate friend, this Trovel is designed with a true gardener in mind from the beginning to the end.

Made in Canterbury, New Zealand by us, The Seed Warehouse is the true home of the “Trovel”, a fantastic hand tool for the garden for hours of enjoyable gardening.

Ergonomic for the wrist and the arm, this relieves pressure in the wrist area which is great at creating comfortable gardening.

The high grade Stainless Steel structure of the Trovel will provide you peace of mind creating the ultimate gardening tool which will last generations.

Enjoy the Trovel, with its unique design allowing one to use it as a scoop, fork and trowel all in one. Such a handy tool which no gardener ever regrets having.


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