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Natural Wool Fibre Mats 10cm 10 pack


In stock


Natural Wool Fibre Mat, have plants needs at the forefront.

The Natural Wool Fibre Mat is 100% New Zealand from natural wool fibre forming the mat to the evidence of small industry creation to the recyclable label. The Wool Fibre Mat is where the true Agriculture meets Horticulture sector, giving you the raw benefits with a unique wool blend meaning you get the natural benefits to nurture the plants – the true purpose of using Wool Fibre.

The Natural Wool Fibre Mat, stands out from the rest with being extremely natural from the smell of the rural NZ through to the nutrients held within all visible to your growing needs.

The Mat allows you to give protection to plants to keep Slugs and Snails away while benefiting nutrients to nurture growing plants without waste of nutrients.

The Seed Warehouse is proudly the distributors for Wholesale and Retail throughout our beautiful country New Zealand. In true kiwi style of supporting the communities throughout the country we are proud to advise a donation is made to charity from each sale.

Sold in packs of 10 each pack measuring 10cm square.


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