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My First Garden Kit – Leaf


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My First Garden Kit – Leaf, is created to inspire and encourage you, yet with simple and effective growing methods. My First Garden Kit allows you to reap the financial benefits of saving dollars by growing your own with passion and exploration. With our step by step growing guide, within 30 days you can be eating home grown goodness.

Each kit is suitable for Garden or Container growing, depending on your space availability. My First Garden Kit, enables you to gain confidence with knowledge of growing your own heirloom plants with continuous harvesting benefits. You will receive simple cost effective recipes and meal ideas crafted by our team for your enjoyment of eating fresh. Our range of seed selected enables you to complete more than one planting or enough seed to share with others.

Within each pack is:

4 Heirloom Seed Packets for Leaf growing suitable for a wide range of cooked and uncooked use options

1x Bottle Top Sprinkler

1x My First Garden Kit Growing Guide

product image is not what is included in the pack but an example.

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