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Salad Creators – Heirloom Seed Pack


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  • Please read full description

Salad Creators Heirloom Seed Pack enables you to grow your own Salads with a range of variety. No 2 packs are the same as we select from our Heirloom Salad range options. Specifically a range of 4 Heirloom Seed packets for you to grow tailored to your region.

Salad Creators Heirloom Seed Pack, you will save hundreds of dollars with growing your own Salads.

Suitable for container gardening or direct ground gardening. Whichever planting option you choose you will receive enough seed for sharing with others or replanting at a later date.

Detailed information to enable you to explore your kitchen options from recipes crafted by our inhouse team, to ideas of additions one can add to Salads.

The Salad Creators Seed Pack will be sent to you with:

4x  Heirloom Seed Packets suitable for Container or Ground planting suitable to the region the package is being shipped to.

1x Detailed information for planting and ideas for your Salad Creations and beyond.

This makes a great gift option also.

Should you have any intolerance/dislike to specific foods etc. please do inform us in the comments section at time of ordering we tailor these packs.

When purchasing please indicate your growing method.


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