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Lettuce Lollo Rossa


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Lollo Rossa is a well respected hardy yet compact leaf heading type of lettuce. Heavily frilled leaves which are of the copper tones of pink to dark red. The centre base of the leaves have a fresh green colour to them.

Known as a “fancy lettuce” this is a fantastic addition for garnish and salad purposes while being a favourite for sandwiches and rolls to add colour.

Fast growing can be used for baby leaf production or full leaf harvest. Lollo Rossa is a lettuce which gives a crunch when harvested at maturity it has a slightly nutty flavour.

Mid sized plant producing lettuces of 15-20cm plants these are incredibly frilly with many leaves packed in.

Non-GMO, recognised as an Heirloom lettuce which thought to have been grown in Italy originally.

Seed Count approx 100 Seeds

Planting Times Early Spring to Early Autumn

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