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Lettuce Buttercrunch


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A lettuce with the track record of being a compact grower with the sought after “buttery” flavour. With the delicate velvety texture of dark green leaves. Buttercrunch lettuce provides a tightly packed plant yet classed as open leaf format and not heading but forming a rosette style of head.

Tolerates heat well with a traditional heirloom trait of being slow bolting and good tolerance to heat.

Buttercrunch lettuce is a key winner for children starting out and those who are wanting a “soft, tender, sweet-tasting lettuce” it’s a great all rounder often a good kitchen table favourite.

Suitable for lettuce leaf harvest as baby leaves within a month of sowing seeds,

Non-GMO, recognised as an Heirloom lettuce dating back to the 15th century also known as a Bibb and a Boston style Lettuce.

Seed Count approx 100 Seeds

Planting Times Early Spring to Early Autumn

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