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Herb Shiso Purple


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Shiso is also known as “Perilla” or “Beefsteak Plant”. Shiso creates a fantastic addition to any herb garden with a plant that grows no more than 90 cm tall and 30 cm wide Shiso can have a space saved in any garden. Its complex flavour will be a hit within the kitchen with tones of Mint and Basil while with the subtle tone of Anise and Cinnamon coming through.

Can be grown as a micro- green also.

Shiso is commonly used within Sushi, as a garnish within Fruit and Lettuce based salads, when used in pickling it has a violet hue.

Non-GMO,  recognised as an Heirloom herb respected world wide for thousands of years.

Seed Count approx 10

Planting Times Early Spring to Late Autumn


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