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Herb Oregano


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Oregano is a herb which is commonly used in base herb blends and also with Cheese, Fish, Tomatoes. With little leaves of delicateness, once crushed these leaves have flavour.

With belonging to the Mint family, you will find its connections and benefits strong from the kitchen to the garden. Creeping plant format, with being a tumbling over edge or spreading through the garden herb. Ideal for all all seasons cooking from Soups to Pizza, Casseroles, Quiche just to name a few.

Interesting Fact: Also known as: Common Marjoram or Wild Marjoram, Italian Oregano or Common Oregano.

Non-GMO,  recognised as an Heirloom from the Mediterranean region.

Seed Count approx 200 seeds

Planting Times Early Spring to Early Autumn

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