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Geo-Cube Garden Support Tunnel


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Geo-Cube the biggest craze in the garden world. Crafted here in Canterbury Geo-Cube Garden Support Tunnels are the ideal solution to enabling a safe construction of either a climbing support for net or string, Frost cloth frame, Shade cloth frame and so much more.

10 mm holes in each Tunnel enables Bamboo to be secured into the holes enabling you to create a number of different designs to suit your current needs, nothing is permanent which means at the end of the season of need you can dismantle and recreate a new design for the next task at hand. If you require to store these its simple they take hardly any space and are very environmentally friendly.

The designs are endless, and with Geo-Cubes gardening with frames and supports allowing covers and protection from Birds, Butterflies, Frost and Heat is a breeze.

Comes in a pack of 2 Tunnel ends creating 1 tunnel.

Some of the suggestions are as follows…

  • Secure 2 Bamboo poles into the 2 holes on the longest face of the Tunnel end, secure another in the center flat side face of the Tunnel end secure the other Tunnel end center flat face to the current bamboo this will create a long bamboo length with an Geo-Cube at each end. Then take 2 more bamboo poles and secure into the last 2 holes on the longest face. This creates a Triangle design (A Tunnel)
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