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Gardeners Arm Protector – Black


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We have brought out these Arm Protectors just for Gardeners, giving you the arm protection with ease. Great for all weather gentle on the arm yet full of performance giving you protection from prickles, moisture, rash etc. Stop the need to prepare with long sleeves to face the Rose pruning or similar just pop the pair of Gardeners Arm Protectors on and you can garden with confidence and ease.

Gardeners have raved about these for a long time since we started started out with them and now we have entered them into our mainstream market these are available to you today.

Ideal for:

  • Avoiding prickles with the traditional Rose pruning tasks,
  • Moving around plants that cause rash or irritation
  • Avoiding skin irritation from some Native Grasses


One size fits all

35cm long to be worn from elbow to wrist

Material: Waterproof

Washing: Handwash, drip dry out of direct sun

Gloves not included with this product

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