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Gardener’s 5 in 1 tool – No Pouch


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This is a Limited Time Special its without a outer slip/pouch

Gardeners 5 in 1 tool! Our Gardeners 5 in 1 tool is equivalent to 5 separate tools all in one place ready for use when you need without taking up space securable in a small pouch which can be secured/strapped to a basket or your gardening bucket to otherwise stitched onto your gardening apron or attached using the belt loop provided.

Our Gardeners 5 in 1 tool is compact folding up to a slim compact unit, where the 4 side tools are pushed into the 2 side handles and then the handles are folded up and around the Secateurs. The design is robust and practical making this a popular choice for gifts.

5 tools enabling:

Trans-planter (2 tools) – Prick out seedlings spotted in the garden as you stroll around or the vegetable/flower seedlings ready to be potted up or planted out these two tools are ready at your finger tips for the task ahead.

Saw – Remove the small branches with the Saw tool without the need to cart around endless tools for a “maybe” need.

Secateurs –  Ready access to the handy Secateurs which are very sturdy to cut fresh stems or to remove dead growth.

Knife – To cut free potted plants which you are planting out, to other tasks such as careful cutting of string or opening bags.

Suitable for Left and Right Handed use!


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