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Citrus Plant Food Jar


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To produce big, healthy Lemons, Limes and Oranges, including grapefruit, plants need all the balance of nutrients they can get. Lemon trees are traditionally seen as heavy cropping trees however without the correct nutrition they will not strive. Our Citrus Food will give your Lemon Tree and the whole Citrus tree family including Grapefruit, Lime and Orange a balance they need to strive to produce you a big crop.

Supplied with scoop and in a 100% NZ recycled container. 1 Jar will feed the average’s family garden Citrus crop for more than 1 season.

Min Net Weight 400grams

Why our plant food?
  • Pet friendly
  • Without fillers
  • Balanced nutrient needs
  • Easy to use – scoop provided

When it comes to plant health what the soil holds will determine the success of the plant – healthy soil equals healthy plants.

Plants require many nutrients in forms of both Macronutrients and Micronutrients, achieving the fine balance is key to your plants happiness and in turn productiveness. We all know the good story of “she’ll be right” however if your soil is not “right” it simply can’t provide for your plants. Nutrients required for your plants growth along with their continued nutrient demands are simple yet paramount to success.

Each plant variety has different but similar needs and requirements to be able to grow and develop, getting this wrong is like making a Pavlova without Eggs!

Its important to remember New Zealand soils are “young”, our soils are not robust enough to handle the continued demands and need a hand to ensure the continued minerals and nutrients are available for sustained growth.

We can continually not provide back to our soils, however the plants ability to thrive diminishes. With our plant food you can rest assure your plants will take up regular stock of Macro and Miro Nutrients allowing one to grow great successful plants.

With our Plant Foot each is blended for specific needs, all your Macro and Micro Nutrient needs with a simple developed scoop a month will mean your plants will be reaching out to hug you.

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