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Bird Scare Flash Tape 45m


In stock


Our extremely popular holographic flash tape which is a mult-coloured 25 mm wide strip of film although we call it Tape it is not sticky.

Removes the need to use netting which can get in the way with growing plants and harvesting needs.

The Bird Scare Flash Tape will flash in the daylight with the slightest of breeze causing it to crackle and reflect as it moves. Popular for vine, fruit and berry growers the Bird Scare Flash Tape we supply also to the commercial sector.

The tape will last the season out without any issues. We recommend to either wrap it around the crop in long lengths to “flutter from end to end”, or to cut strips of 80 cm long tie onto “soft tie”and and vertically so it can blow in the breeze. We suggest 1 length every metre up, down, left and right to ensure a good coverage when used on grape vines and rows of bushes.


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