• Bird Scare Flash Tape 45M

Proving to be extremely popular is our holographic flash tape made with a multi-colour coated, 25mm wide film. The tape flashes in the sun, reflecting light with constantly changing colours and patterns. Also, the slightest breeze causes it to crackle as it moves. Birds perceive this as a danger and keep well away.

This holographic tape is especially useful for vine, fruit and berry growers, although it is also used widely in domestic and industrial situations.

The tape is designed to last just the crop season.

Each roll is 45 metres in length. Recommended methods of application are to either wrap it around the crop in long lengths, or cut into strips and hang vertically, so it can blow in the breeze. A suggested frequency of application is one 30cm strip on every fourth vine, every second row if being used on grape vines.

A simple and effective method of attachment is to tie sections onto itself or use with an adhesive tape. 


  • simple to install
  • economical
  • suitable for large scale crops

Bird Scare Flash Tape 45M

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